How it started How it's going

By the time she was a teenager she was spending her spare time reconstructing vintage hats, accessories, and objects d’art for her own amusement. Soon admirers were requesting her creations and she began receiving commissions from Southeastern boutiques. To turn her passion into a career, she realized she needed to learn the millinery craft. She signed up for classes at the American InterContinental University in Atlanta and once confident in her skills, opened her first shop, Hats of Character on a quiet residential street in the city’s fashionable Buckhead neighborhood.

Hats that TURN HEADS

Her warm, inviting personality paired with her keen sense of style, discerning eye and deep understanding of people helped Winslow quickly establish a name for herself as a milliner and fashion arbitrator. Her designs were worn by socialites, fashionistas, and local celebrities, and her store became a hot spot for the see and be seen crowd.

That turnHEADS

Winslow in New York

In 2002, after falling in love, Savage closed her retail shop and relocated to New York. She took classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and renamed her collection Winslow & Ellsworth. ”It’s a combination of my husband’s and my middle names. I wanted something that celebrated our new beginning together,” says Savage, who concentrated solely on custom design for the next four years, creating unique hats for the city’s fashionable, modern customers. Fashion-
forward boutiques such as Jeffrey carried the line, and she built a loyalnfollowing among the society set, fashion, and art circles.

“How marvelous of you to know exactly the right hat
to wear at seven o’clock in the morning to meet a friend
who has been away.”
~ Oscare Wilde

Current Stitch

Twenty years later, the mission to create beautiful hats for good people continues. Savage and her collection have started the next phase of the journey with a new brand name,
Winslow Savage Millinery, and a new home base for the studio & showroom in downtown Bristol, Tennessee.